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Following extract is taken from GT Magazine interview.
Upton Clue
“I’ve been at the club for just under ten years. The club has been at this site for nearly ten years and I started the week we opened here. Before that, I was just a plain old customer. It was the old nightingale when I used to go, and I was 18 (or there about). I’m 29 now.
Nobody ever believes my age, but I do have my passport in the office to prove it to people! When I was at school, I used to do voluntary work, working in youth centres and community centres. In the school holidays, I was taken on as a volunteer and as a paid coordinator. I was one of the youngest in the borough of Dudley at the time. They used to pay me to put together play schemes for children, who were my age or younger. That’s where I picked up a lot of the skills that I use today in the club
Sam Fox
One of the things I’ve always said, and one of the reasons why I don’t generally have a boyfriend, is that, because of my work, I think that I have to be seen as being, not 'available’ exactly, but I treat all my customers as I would treat my boyfriend. I try to spend
time with customers and show them respect. Actually, I think I’d like to now though, especially as it’s eight years since I had a boyfriend. I think it’s about time that I did settle down. But basically, I know that a
boyfriend couldn’t work, because I work in a social environment and I spend a lot of time on the social scene, and unless somebody feels
Chris Geary
comfortable with that, then it’s not fair to put anybody in that situation.
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Personal Profile
  Upton Clue
Star Sign
  5" 9'
  10.5 Stone
  Operations Director
  Chinese (Char Sui Fried Rice)
  Smirnoff Norsk Vodka & Lemonade
  Funky & Chunky House
  Gary H (Gaydar Radio)
  Bent Magazine
TV Series
  League Of Gentlemen
Film Style
Holiday Destination
  Gran Canaria
Holiday Company
  Alternative Holidays
  Manchester - Queer
London - Shadow Lounge
  Manchester - Essential
London - DTMP
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